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Message from the Executive Director
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Message from the Executive Director

In recent years, the term “Three-Highs” is frequently mentioned in media reports and government promotions, which makes Hong Kong people familiar with these. “Three-Highs” related to chronic diseases due to hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and high blood sugar. According to the statistics from the Hong Kong government, the “Three-Highs” patients become younger than before, which mainly accounted for diet and living habits.

Most of the office workers are too busy to find time to exercise, and the irregular working hours also make them difficult to take meal on time. As a result, patients will suffer from hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high blood sugar, hyperuricemia and high Body Mass Index insensibly, which caused “Five-Highs” eventually.

How to identify yourself as a member of “Five-Highs” Club? If so, what should you do? To cope with that, UCN has launched “Urban Express Check”, a simple and fast screen check for those who are busy-working. This health check can provide a treatment for those “Five-Highs” patients, in order to let them keep away from diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, stroke or cardiovascular disease.

We hope everyone can be distant from “Five-Highs” and have a healthy body to face various challenges from your daily life!


Esther MOK