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Message from the Executive Director
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Message from the Executive Director

Being the pioneer in primary health care, United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service (UCN) is dedicated to implementing the philosophy of "Hospital without Walls" and advocating the idea of "Leading a Healthy Life". Through operating a series of community health centres in Hong Kong for some 40 years, UCN provides comprehensive out-patient and health maintenance services as well as health education to promote the concept of "holistic health for all" actively in town.

Prevention is better than cure. To offer holistic preventive primary health care services under one roof, UCN practice the cross-sectoral approach to integrate medical and health care services with the social services. Our family doctors can take the lead in identifying social at-risk cases in the early stage and referring them to relevant social services for appropriate and timely assistance.

In 2002, the atmosphere of the society was negatively affected by economic downturn and high unemployment rate which brought new challenges and tensions to the people of Hong Kong. The situation was further worsened by the outbreak of SARS in the following year. Aiming at helping the citizens to overcome various daunting obstacles, the United Centre of Emotional Health and Positive Living (UCEP) was established in the same year with the funding support of the CWM / Nethersole Fund. UCEP adapts the concept of "Positive Psychology", and provide emotional and psychological education to the community and schools through organizing various health talks and workshops. UCEP has further extended its service scopes by providing clinical psychological services in Kwun Tong and Jordan in 2008.

Ten years of remarkable service highlights UCEP's success in the promotion and application of "Positive Psychology". Through activities including talks, courses, seminars, publications, professional and volunteer trainings, UCEP has significantly increased the social awareness of the people in Hong Kong on mental health. In April 2013, UCEP rehoused to the premises of the Mission Covenant Church at Lee Kee Building in Kowloon Bay to further penetrate its services into the community. The "1st Asia Pacific Conference on Applied Positive Psychology" was held in Jan 2014 to gather relevant professionals from Asia for academic exchange. Looking forward to seeing UCEP continue to provide quality professional service to the needy on its consolidated base!

Since its establishment in 1972, UCN has been upholding the philosophy of "listening, observing, thinking, experiencing, venturing and practicing" to bring in innovative ideas while keeping our good practices to pave the way for continuous development. In Christianity, the theological virtues are "Faith, Hope and Love". We shall continue to serve the needy with our heart and keep abreast of their needs and demands, and to provide patient-oriented and one-stop primary health care services to the community.

Alexander LAW
Executive Director