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Premarital Health Check
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Premarital Health Check

Our Premarital Health Check is to guide couples, who are going to embark on a lifelong relationship, understanding their health conditions so as to protect their partner and offspring.

Premarital Health Check Items Male Female
Personal Habits & Medical History Analysis
Weight, Height and BMI
Blood Pressure
Complete Blood Count
(red blood cell, haemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, MCH, MCHC, platelet, white blood cell differential counts)
Rubella IgG
(It is recommended that women of childbearing age who do not have immunity to rubella receive the vaccine before pregnancy, in order to reduce the baby's chance of getting an infection )
Blood Grouping and Rh Typing
(The majority of Chinese people are RhD positive. Rh incompatibility develops when a pregnant RhD negative woman and the baby in her womb has RhD-positive blood, causing Hemolytic Anemia or even stillbirth)
HBs Antigens    
HBs Antibodies    
VDRL Screening for Syphilis
HIV Antibodies
Urine Analysis
(Urine glucose and urine protein)
(Including Doctor Consultation Fee)
$890 $745 $1,115 $915

Optional Tests

Hb pattern for Thalasemia $550
Seminal Analysis $440

Apart from the above-mentioned screenings, women may consider to receive the HPV Vaccine to prevent diseases such as cervical cancer, vaginal cancer and genital warts.

  • Prevention of Cervical Cancer
  • Cervical cancer is the fourth common female cancers in Hong Kong. Every year, over 400 women are being diagnosed of cervical cancers and patients are of age from 20 to 70 or above. Though majority of them are aged over 50, data show that more and more younger females are affected by this disease and early intervention is thus the best way to treat it.

    The development of cervical cancer is a series of events starting from abnormal cell changes. The majority of these changes will regress to normal while some may progress to cancer over years. Pap smear is at present the most effective test for detecting early abnormal cervical cell changes. The test only lasts for a few minutes and does not cause pain. Women should have regular cervical smears after they started to have sexual behaviors. If one has checked normal for three consecutive years, then she can choose to reduce the checking frequency to once per two or three years. Researches show that pap smear can help reducing development of cervical cancer by 90%.

    Well Woman Plan
    (Performed by Registered Doctor)
    Cervical Smear Only (Performed by Registered Nurse or Health Maintenance Officer)
    Personal Life Habits Assessment Personal Life Habits Assessment
    Basic Health Checks ( Blood Pressure and BMI ) Basic Health Checks ( Blood Pressure and BMI )
    Risk Assessment for Breast and Cervical Cancers Risk Assessment for Breast and Cervical Cancers
    Breasts & Pelvic Physical Examinations Cervical Smear
    Cervical Smear Price :$405
    Price :$530
    Optional tests: 
    Pelvic Ultrasound:$810-$1,160
    Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound:$1,630

    Remark: Ultrasound service is available at Jockey Club Wok Lok Community Health Centre and Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Community Health Centre. Please contact our staff if you prefer to have the service.

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