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Integrated Home Care Service Team

We established "Home Help Service Team" in November 1988 and "Home Care Service Team" in December 1999 in Tai Po District. Starting from April 2003, home help service was integrated to become the new "Integrated Home Care Service Team" with the aim to provide quality home care service to residents in Tai Po.

  • Service Targets
  • Elderly and people with disabilities and needy families living in Tai Po district, covering one-third Tai Po area, including the rural areas.

  • Our Mission
  • To reinforce clients' self-help abilities, maintain the well-functioning of a family and to assist them to enjoy healthy lifestyle in the community with our caring service.

  • Services Scope
    • Basic Care
    • Special Care
    • Personal Care
    • Rehabilitation Exercise
    • Centre-based Daytime Service
    • Support Service to the Elderly and their carers
    • Home Respite Service
    • 24 hours Emergency Support
    • Home Safety Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement
    • Home Care
    • Meal Service
    • Pick-Up Service
  • Service Highlights (Available in Chinese only)
  • Event Sharing (Available in Chinese only)
  • How to Apply
    • Applicants can contact our centre staff directly; or
    • Referral from NGOs, hospitals, Social Welfare Department or other government departments.
    Once the application is received, our social workers will conduct home visit to assess the eligibility of the applicants and to tailor-make a suitable service plan.
  • How to Withdraw
    • Clients can quit or terminate the service at anytime.
    • Periodic evaluation will be conducted by social workers and clients will be informed in advance if termination is suggested. Service referral can also be provided if necessary.
  • Fee
    • Our rate is calculated with reference to the standard of Social Welfare Department and the economic status of the applicant.

    Service Locations & Opening Hours

    Integrated Home Care Service Team