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Guidelines for the Preparation of Health Check
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Guidelines for the Preparation of Health Check

  1. Normal to light diet is recommended a few days prior to the health check.
  2. Please fast for at least 8 hours before the scheduled health check in order to optimize the accuracy of the test results. Please bring along some snacks on the health check day to eat after blood draw.
  3. For diabetes patients, please do not take any hypoglycemic drugs/agents or inject insulin during the period of fasting so as to prevent hypoglycemia. Medicines for heart diseases or blood pressure can be taken as usual with small amount of water. Please bring along all the medicines you take for record.
  4. Clients should collect 2 stool specimens for fecal occult blood tests.
  5. Guidelines for stool sample collection:
    1. Normal diet is recommended. But stool specimens should not be collected if there is bleeding hemorrhoid or during menstrual period.
    2. Fecal occult blood test includes the collection of two samples of stool. The two samples must be collected on different days within a week and only one sample can be collected each day. Please bring them back to the clinic on the health check day.
    3. Please use the plastic containers provided by the clinic or any clean container with cover/lid to collect the stool sample. Collect a small amount of stool (about a teaspoon) and put into the container. Please avoid contamination by urine or toilet flushing water. Close the cover/lid tightly and clean the surface of container. Write your name, HKID number (letter and the first 4 digits) and the date of collection on the container.

    Please find below the detailed instruction of "how to collect the stool sample":
    How to collect stool specimens (Text version, Chinese version only)
    How to collect stool specimens (Video, Chinese version only)

  6. Please wear simple clothes and avoid wearing accessories. You can bring along the past reports for reference.
  7. Vision test is required for those aged 60 or above and please bring along with your glasses if applicable.
  8. If you have been suffered from tuberculosis (TB) or have had any abnormal X-ray detection before, please bring along the old x-ray films and relevant reports for reference.
  9. Female clients can perform basic physical examination during menstrual period and please re-arrange the appointment for the gynecological examination (if any).
  10. The whole examination process takes about 2-3 hours
  11. Optional tests can be done on the health check day and please enquire the health maintenance officers or doctors for details. All payments can be settled by cash, credit card or EPS.
  12. Appointment for reporting would be arranged 1-2 weeks after the day of examination. (Note: clients will be informed for reporting in advance under special circumstances)
  13. Please contact our community health centres for enquiry and during office hours.
If Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon Signal No. 8 or higher is issued, our services will be suspended. The centre will resume services after the signal is cancelled and please contact us for rearrangement of appointment.