Message from Executive Director


Entering into the year of 2022 represents the 50th anniversary of United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service (UCN), I hereby thank all support from Hong Kong citizens and the valuable contributions from UCN colleagues. UCN was founded in 1972, offering comprehensive and affordable primary healthcare service to the local community, it has now developed into a diversified service organization specializing in primary healthcare, and has been actively expanding its service scope and network to strive on protecting health of Hong Kong citizens.


After a half-century of hard work, UCN has laid strong foundation in the milestone of primary healthcare services, but we have not slackened and keep finding room for improvement based on our foundation. In order to further assist the government in promoting primary healthcare services, UCN has become the operator of the Kwun Tong and Tai Po District Health Centre (DHC) Express, delivering health promotion and education, health risk factors assessment and chronic disease management for service users with diabetes mellitus, hypertensions, musculoskeletal disorders problems (low-back pain or osteoarthritis of knees), specializes in providing value-added services such as fall prevention and mild cognitive impairment, so as to increase general public awareness of disease prevention and guide them to integrate a healthy lifestyle, conducive to the realization of “Leading a Healthy Life”. The two centres have started operations in October 2021, and the number of registered members continuously increasing, which not only reflects the strong demand of the local primary healthcare services but also proves that UCN can bring its unique district-based primary healthcare services spirit into full play.


Besides, UCN has also kept improving the facilities of its service units, in order to enhance the quality of our service. For example, last year we added a Chinese medicine treatment room in Tai Po Kwong Fuk Community Health Centre, and added a children’s therapy playroom for the Emotional Health Counselling Service in Block J of United Christian Hospital. Also, we completed the renovation of the Lei Yue Mun Day Care Centre for the Elderly in January this year.


Recently, Hong Kong has entered the fifth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a medical healthcare organisation in Hong Kong,  UCN has been thinking about how to help the public cope with the new wave of pandemics. Kwun Tong and Tai Po DHC Express have respectively collaborated with external vaccine providers to offer vaccination services in the DHC Express for people in need.  On the other hand, UCN-The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training and Research Centre (Tai Po District) has been providing diagnosis and treatment for patients with coronavirus disease, the Hospital Authority also presented a certificate of recognition to UCN-The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training and Research Centre (Tai Po District) at the event "Together We Fight", so as to express appreciation for our contribution in anti-epidemic efforts during the COVID-19 epidemic. UCN's vision is people-oriented, we hope to provide the community with the most appropriate primary healthcare services and strengthen support for citizens even under the pandemic.


Looking forward, UCN will never stop even though the situation surrounding the outbreak remains notoriously fluid. We will take advantage of our special 50th anniversary to promote health information in various ways, including holding a series of online and offline activities. Moreover, UCN will remain steadfast in its mission to provide quality services, and continue to connect with different parties to jointly build a healthy community. Let us work together to overcome the pandemic!


Danny Au Chi-keung

Executive Director


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