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Diabetes Support Group

Participants of “Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening Plan” can join the Diabetes Support Group for free.


Free courses will be conducted by a group of professionals, including Dietitians, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Nurses, Health Maintenance Officers etc., and offered to diabetes patients and their family members to train up their disease self-management skill.

  • Causes and treatment of diabetes
  • Demonstration on self monitoring of blood glucose
  • Demonstration on diabetic foot care
Diet, Weight & Exercise
  • Diabetes diet 
  • Weight control 
  • The importance and demonstration of sports
Chinese Medicine Treatment
  • Characteristic treatment of Chinese medicine
  • Prevention of complications
  • Chinese medicine recovery
Community Support
  • Diabetes support activities
  • Health tips

本頁圖片/檔案 - icon_giftParticipants of Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening Plans can enjoy special offer for joining the Individual Nutrition Counselling Diabetes plan.

Individual Nutrition Counselling Diabetes

To have better control on the blood glucose level, people with diabetes need to have daily meal planning on carbohydrates intake.


Our team of experienced registered dietitians offers one-to-one nutrition counselling, tailor-made meal planning and recipe modification can help people with diabetes have a balanced nutrition intake, maintain healthy body weight and prevent complications, which lead to an optimal long-term diabetic control.

Inquiry: 2172 0727



Diabetes Support Services Original Price
Individual Nutrition Counselling Diabetes $430 - $510


Chinese Medicine Treatment for Diabetes

Traditional Chinese medicine takes prevention of disease as the main principle, which means treating the disease before it arises. Through diet therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture or bloodletting therapy, it nourishes the liver and kidney, improves microvascular circulation. As a result, diabetic complications can be slow down or even be avoided, patient’s quality of life can be restored.

Inquiry: 2114 0881



Chinese Medicine Treatment for Diabetes^  





Basic medication (per dose)


(depends on prescriptions)

Charges are subject to the latest price list.

*Special offer is only applicable to participants of Diabetes Mellitus Complication Screening Plans, and to the service on weekdays (Mon to Fri) at designated community health centres.

^Service is provided by the Chinese Medicine Specialty Centre of UCN

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