FAQs on Medical Health Check

Why do I need regular health check?

Regular health checks allow us to get systematic health assessment. Medical health check also helps promote preventive measures, such as healthy lifestyle and for early detection before diseases show symptoms, such as abnormal cervical cell change. By getting the right regular check ups, we can take a closer look at our health conditions and take steps for early prevention and treatments.

How should I choose among the various health check packages?

With the great variety of medical health check services and packages, making the right choice seems not easy. People of different ages and genders have different needs in terms of health maintenance. A health check chosen by health care professional is ideal and it should be followed up with written reports and counselling. Our health care professionals would determine what and how often you need services and screening items according to your personal details, including age, gender as well as medical and family history. To help you understand your health conditions, explanation of the health check report and individual health counselling would be provided by our professional. Hence, you can improve your lifestyle for a healthier life accordingly.

The more screening tests the package has, the better it is?

More screening test do not mean better care. Every individual health check item has its clinical significance and the items required also vary according to gender, age and medical history. Medical report should also be explained by doctor or professional medical staff. Physical examination may also be required during report explanation for risk assessment and suggestions giving.

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