Steps for Stool Specimen Collection

Procedures of stool collection
  1. Collect 2 stool specimens in total. Collect ONE specimen only on each day. Specimens must be collected in TWO different days in ONE week. Do not take specimens if you are in menstruation or having hemorrhoids bleeding.

  2. Do not store your specimens more than 5 days. Submit your collections to the clinic as soon as possible. Please note that we only accept specimens in one month up your payment date.

  3. Avoid any unnecessary impurities such as urine, flush, tissue during the collection.

  4. Specimens must be put into the containers provided by the clinic. Keep the containers away from children. Take an eyewash if the solution got into an eye. Contact a doctor if necessary. 

  5. Insert the collection tool into the stool to collect specimens.

    Please full up the pocket on the end of the tool completely. Put the tool into the container and put the lid on carefully.

  6. Write your name, ID number and collection date on the container. Put it into a plastic bag.

  7. Submit the specimens within 5 days upon collection.



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