Individual Diet Counselling & Weight Management

本頁圖片/檔案 - Website_Book now button_ENDietitians provide nutrition assessment and dietary management plans and offer diet counselling service according to service users’ physical conditions, such as being underweight, overweight or obese:

  • General public
    Personalized menu plans and dietary recommendations
  • Children & Adolescents (Including those with Special Needs)
    Weight development assessment and management of picky eating
  • Adults & Seniors
    Dietary treatment for chronic diseases, including diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, gout, kidney disease etc.
  • Women
    Before and after pregnancy, gestational diabetes / hypertension, breastfeeding, etc.
  • Men & Fitness Enthusiasts
    Diet for body building and sports nutrition
  • Patients with Cancer, Kidney Diseases and Difficulty in Swallowing
    Provide treatment of malnutrition, improve appetite, fortify nutrition
  • Foreigners/Ethnic Minority/Domestic Helpers
    Provide dietary recommendations upon one’s food culture, cooking skills for domestic helpers, etc.


In addition to face-to-face consultations, telephone or web counselling services is provided. Dietitians follow up on service users’ personal diet and health status, and provide instant nutritional advice in real-time. This allows service users to practice healthy eating with no boundaries.


Counselling Procedure

  1. Registration and appointment (with a doctor’s referral*, online or call 2172 0727)
  2. Prepare a 3-day-food-consumption record
  3. Health, diet, exercise analysis and assessment from a registered dietitian (45 minutes for the first consultation)
  4. Setup personalised goal and menu
  5. Evaluation and process monitoring by a registered dietitian


*Patients with chronic diseases and medication should come along with a doctor’s referral/health check report and medication history/nutrition service referral


Dietitians collaborate with Chinese medicine practitioners to assist patients in maintaining ideal weight.

Service Fee

Individual Diet Counselling  

First Consultation

(45 minutes)


(25 minutes)

UCN Medical Centre, Wo Lok/Kwong Fuk/Tin Shui Wai Community Health Centre Monday to Friday HK$430 HK$240
Saturday HK$480 HK$270
UCN Jordan Health Centre Monday to Friday HK$470 HK$260
Saturday HK$510 HK$300

Telephone Diet Counselling

(handled by registered dietitians)

  as above as above


Special Offer*

First Consultation

(45 minutes)


(25 minutes)

Holders of Senior Citizen Card, seniors aged 65 or above, CSSA recipients and Disability Allowance recipients/holders of Registration Card for People with Disabilities HK$290 HK$160
The first year after having a health check plan in UCN (only applicable for the first consultation) HK$390 /

Charges are subject to the latest price list.

*Special discounts only applies to consultation sessions on weekdays (Monday to Friday) at specified community health centres.


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Appointment and Enquiry



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WhatsApp: 9769 2502

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