Ethnic Minority Health Service

UCN initiated, the “South Asian Health Support Programme” in 2007, funded by The Community Chest. The programme aims to improve health profile of the South Asian in Hong Kong through comprehensive health promotion strategic and healthy lifestyle interventions, such as community based health talks, wellness classes, trainings, health campaigns and timely health screening.


The service include, the service team is composed of multinational, multilingual personnel with medical, public health and nursing background. Thus proper health information and medical services can be provided for those with languages and cultures barriers.


For more information, please visit the SAHSP website.


To promote smoking cessation, The Tobacco and Alcohol Control office -Department of Health has been funding UCN to run “Smoking Cessation Programme for Ethnic Minorities and New Immigrants” since 2013.


The aim is to provide a one-stop smoking cessation service to the ethnic minorities and new immigrants, which addresses the specific needs in particular the language and cultural differences. In addition, all the local smokers can also access the service.  The programme includes education on smoking and health, counselling, outreach based promotion and treatment.   The smoker can get free treatment for nicotine addiction to quit smoking at our UNC clinics. Information can be obtained from UCN “Quit-Smoking-Club” Facebook page.

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