Family Medicine Service

All the community health centres of UCN are managed by family doctors. Patients regardless of ages and genders can receive holistic and sustainable medical healthcare services without the needs of referral. Our services include:


Special Characteristics of Our Family Medicine Clinics

  • Doctors will manage patients efficiently with computerized record system.
  • The computer system for family medicine clinics are linked with the preventive health programs. Doctors can access the record easily to give continuity care and to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • Our Doctors take continuing medical education.


Family Medicine – Valuable for Patients

  • Providing lifetime continuous care ─ this is becoming increasing important as individual gets older
  • Providing all-round services ─ family doctors help our patients with their expert knowledge covering a wide range of medical problems
  • Upholding the ideal of holistic health ─ family doctors understand personal health entails not only physical health, but also emotional and social needs in our daily lives
  • Coordinating integrated treatments for patients ─ family doctors cooperate with a diverse range of specialists when it comes to the stage of treatment. When specialist's treatment is required, family doctor would provide essential support to patients and refer them to relevant specialists for suitable treatments
  • Value for money ─ family medicine focuses on disease prevention while encouraging evidence-based medicine. Through regular health check, we can identify risk factors so as to receive treatment at the early stage and lower medical cost


Service Charges



Consultation Fee

From HK$190-HK$250

General Drugs (Up to 3 days)

From HK$130-HK$140

Please note that any amendments to the service fee will be effective on the day of service.

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