Day Care Centre for the Elderly

Lei Yue Mun Day Care Centre for the Elderly

The day care centre in Lei Yue Mun serves elderly persons aged 60  or above, with moderate or severe impairment, providing personal care, meal delivery, day care, rehabilitation exercise, social and recreational activities, and supports for carers.


  • To provide all-rounded or limited daily care services for vulnerable seniors to create better home-living conditions for their later years in lives
  • To provide support and assistance to the carers so that they can carry on their responsibility with ease
Service Target

We target:

  • Elderly persons aged 60 or above, living in specified areas and not receiving institution services;
  • Assessed to be in the state of either moderate or severe level of impairment;
  • No infectious diseases; and
  • No social disabilities, not harassing and non-violent



  1. Consultation

    Applicants may consult the following organisations:

    • District Elderly Community Centres/Neighbourhood Elderly Centres
    • Integrated Family Service Centres
    • Medical Social Services Units

  2. Assessment

    Assessments offered by the Standardised Care Need Assessment Management Office (Elderly Services) (East Kowloon)

  3. Obtaining results

    Qualified applicants will be referred to the Centre

  4. Meeting

    The staff of the Centre will meet the applicant to introduce the service


Service Fee

With reference to the standard monthly charges employed by the Social Welfare Department and it may subject to an annual adjustment



One month notice prior to the termination

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